Sales and Lead Generation

How are you benefiting from your online marketing?

Producing new sales and lead generation using online marketing is a primary specialization at Sales Secret.Ā Whether we are usingĀ Search Engine Marketing,Ā Search Engine OptimizationĀ orĀ Social Media, our campaigns are always results driven and measurable by the amount of sales and leads generated.Ā 

Conversion Types

We certainly recognize that each client’s goals and objectives differ based on their requirements, but there are three primary types of conversions that we regularly focus on generating for online marketing campaigns:

Direct Sales

In the case of e-commerce campaigns, our primary goal is to dramatically increase the direct sales made on your website. Search Engine Marketing is typically the primary tool for direct sale campaigns because it allows us to quickly target and advertise specific promotions or products that are being offered by the client.

Online Conversions

If you are in the category of clients that are most interested in generating leads online, we place focus on the collection of personal information from customers, which would include garnering information on the intent of the purchase, services they are interested in, an so on. Sales Secret takes the time to “dig deep” to learn each clients requirements for a lead that is unique to their business.

Phone Conversions

Requests from our customers to create campaigns that result in phone conversions have decreased in recent years. Despite this fact they remain, at the very least, an important supplementary goal to accommodate customers that are hesitant to complete online transactions. Providing the option to contact a person to assist those wanting to inquire further, or who will only purchase after speaking to an actual liveĀ representativeĀ is key to ensuring that not a single opportunity is lost.