Search Engine Marketing

Target only those who matter most to your business.

The power of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is the ability to target and attract only those who are actively searching for the products or services that you offer.  Search Engine Marketing is a general term that describes the process employed that will make your business appear on sponsored listing on search engines like Google™, Bing™ and Yahoo!® for relevant search queries. 

 Sales Secret directs your Search Engine Marketing effort to reach specific audiences quickly and efficiently.  Search Engine Marketing, when properly employed, is an extremely effective tool which drives new sales and leads to sustain your business’s online growth.

Services Available

Campaign Setup

Executing a successful Search Engine Marketing campaign requires expert research and planning in order for it to perform optimally. Our extensive experience across a huge variety of fields will serve you well in keeping costs as low as possible.

Campaign Management

In order to continually improve your online advertising campaign, we implement proactive efficiency optimizations using collected data, and apply new techniques employing such tools as AB testing to ensure that you yield the best results!

Account Audits

For those that have already have active accounts, we launch extensive audits that result in recommendations for changes (both large and small) that will improve your click-through ratio, ad position prominence, and quality score.