Top 17 Reasons to Get a Magento Website

Magento has become the industry standard of ecommerce platform offerings. It’s extensive codebase is produced by Varien and it has been developed on top of the Zend Framework. ¬†As developers, we have come to love working with Magento because of it’s extensive feature set, massive scalability, and unbelievable price point (read on for more on that).

Here are a few reasons that we think that we think that you will fall in love with Magento too!

1.   Extensions

An enormous community of Magento Developers for Hire have been hard at work for years building custom Magento extensions that provide just about any feature or modification that you can imagine.  An unbelievable amount of these extensions are free and installable with just a few clicks!  If the extended functionality that you are interested in does not yet exist (however unlikely), there are an army of developers ready to assist.

2.   Advanced Search Engine Visibility (SEO)

As strange at it may seem, a great number of popular e-commerce applications do a terrible job handling the complex requirements of ranking well in the search engines for the products you offer.  Even without installing any number of fantastic SEO extensions, Magento handle meta-information, XML Sitemap Generation and URL rewrites like a champ!

3.   Mobile Friendly Web Store

Mobile e-commerce has become even more prevalent as smart-phone ownership continues to increase. In fact, recent data indicates that mobile buyers are more likely that shoppers using any other device to actually clicking ‚ÄúBuy Now‚ÄĚ when visiting your store. ¬†While the call for mobile-only sites has declined with the implementation of fully featured mobile browsers, it is still imperative to implement cross-browser and cross-platform systems that are conducive to sales. Magento (CE) builds this in at no cost.


4.   The Options You Need Today & the Extensibility for Tomorrow

If you are interested in building a 100 SKU basic e-commerce offering today, but receive venture funding tomorrow and need to add a half-million more, Magento will be up to the task.  In fact, with thousands of extensions available, Magento is one of the most extensible e-commerce platforms on the market today.

5.   There is a Version with No Subscription Fees (no matter how many SKUs you have)

Magento Community is the free version.  It’s surprisingly robust feature set is suitable for the vast majority of online retailers (and of course migration to the more fully featured, and support inclusive, Magento Enterprise edition is always an option).

6.   Multiple Storefront Option

Magento offers the ability to operate multiple storefronts, even on separate domains, from the same administrative panel (through a centralized database). Allowing store owners to manage sales, correspondence, promotions and products saves time, and reduces the time commitment of management.

 7.   Very Customizable

Installing custom extensions to the Magento framework adds nearly limitless possibilities with regards to customization.

8.   Stable Ownership

eBay owns 100% of Magento and it is a part of the X.Commerce initiative. Not the least of the benefits that come along with the backing of a multinational powerhouse like eBay are it’s unparalleled cohesiveness with PayPal and its role in the new X.Commerce initiative. This sort of stable backing removes the concern that usually accompanies building an enterprise atop an open source solution.

9.   Bundled Payment Integration

Magento provides integrated tools to process orders through a variety of processors like PayPal, Google and Adding additional payment methods (such as Pay With Amazon) is easily achieved with the installation of a module from the development community.


 10.  Advanced and Customizable Reporting

Magento has prebuilt reporting system that tracks, aggregates, and export information about customer activity, products and sales. In addition, it also has Google Analytics preinstalled to allow you to create reports on actionable data like average sales volume, frequent search terms, most popular products and cart abandonment.

11.  Easy to Install

While optimizing a dedicated server for optimal Magento performance can be a tedious task, installing Magento is often as simple as creating a database and then running the Magento installation script.

12.  Integrated Database Backups

Magento has a fully integrated site and product catalog export feature that ensures that critical data will be preserved in the event of development errors or to recover from malicious attacks.

13.  Growing User and Developer Community

Magento Community is used by 33.8% of the worlds e-commerce websites, which makes it the most utilized commerce platform in the world (not to mention that the #3 position is taken by Magento Enterprise at 8.7%).

14.  Customizable Transactional Emails

Magento has a fully automated and customizable transactional email system that is responsible for generating and sending emails to customers when triggered by predefined events. The most widely used example of a transactional email would be the ‚ÄėThank You Email‚Äô that is sent out to customers after completion of an order. ¬†These emails can be custom designed and implemented based on a wide variety of project specifications.


 15.  Security 

Magento is a security-centric platform whose Enterprise edition comes with Secure Payment Bridge, which provides PCI Data Security Standard.

16.  Magento Connect

Magento Connect is the official marketplace for Magento Community and Enterprise modules.  From customized checkout pages, to advanced customer interaction tools, WordPress integration or external marketplace integration, thousands of extensions are available to extend Magento’s core functionality.

17.  External Marketplace Integration

Magento has a built-in feature set to handle exporting products to Google Base, but there is also an extensive collection of custom extensions that provide extensive integration with popular external marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Sears Marketplace, etc.

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