What Are SEO and Local Search Engine Optimization?

What are SEO and Local Search Engine Optimization? If you’re hearing a lot of buzz about SEO and don’t know much about it or exactly what it is, you need this information in order to use it to your advantage and be an effective presence on the Internet.

What Are SEO and Local Search Engine Optimization?

Your website is only useful and profitable if people find you and many people are looking to optimize their website because optimization equals more visitors to your website which can translate to more profit for you. SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you enhance or optimize your website you will be more easily found in the search engines. The big search engines have specific things that are taken into account when they decide who places in their rankings. Local Search Engine Optimization is just that… results from search terms that are localized based on where someone is searching from. For example, a person searching for “Pizza” from a location in Fort Lauderdale will see Pizza Parlours in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Search engines will often base their rankings on relevance and specific rules so if you conform to those rules in the way your website is set up, you can attain better rankings. A search engine might look at multiple factors when deciding who ranks first based on specific key words so when you optimize your website for specific key words or phrases, that’s how your potential customers or target audience can find you. SEO and Local SEO companies are knowledgeable and skilled in these areas and can help you get the rankings that you want.

Marketing and SEO are not the same thing but they are similar. Some people know a little about marketing or a little about the Internet and how big sites like Yahoo or Google work. Those companies can help you do what it takes to reach more customers. By enlisting the help of a company such as Click Response.net, you can be more likely to reach your target audience.

There are various ways to get noticed online. PPC is an option for some. PPC stands for pay per click and involves advertising dollars that target specific key words. If you sell computers, you may choose to appear on the search pages for surfers who search on the word “computer”. This means that you pay each time someone searches based on that word, or based on a budget that you set with the search engine company.

Although you may get traffic, you are paying a hefty sum for it. SEO is free. SEO helps your website get noticed by people searching for your targeted key words and it’s a proven fact that this type of search results, known as organic instead of paid will be more likely to get you the kinds of visitors you want on your website which are targeted customers.

Search engine optimization makes your website attractive to the search engines so that you are going to be more likely to be found by potential customers. Another example would be targeting for your keywords and for the city you are located in.

SEO companies need to know what your targeted audience is so that they can help you. Selling computers from a retail store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida means that you won’t look to target all computer buyers but your target of “computers in Fort Lauderdale” or “Florida computers” is something your SEO company can help you get optimized online for. SEO can yield great results and help your customers find you. There are many ways that an SEO and Local Search Engine Optimization company can help you to get attention and get more sales.

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