GPS Enabled Internet Marketing

A new technology has allowed Sales Secret, A Fort Lauderdale, Florida based internet marketing company to target users cellphones, especially when they are visiting and searching for local business.  Local Business SEO and webdesign can save your business, by driving traffic to your website through local SEO.

Local SEO is optimizing your business listings to make sure you show up on the local Google search api, which is used in all major cell phone searches and 95% of all iPhone searches.

Using brand new technology, Sales Secret (// can GUARANTEE you a spot on the first page of google for local searches for your business and its keywords.

Imagine how nice it would be if you were an Pizza Parlor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and a visitor used their iphone to search pizza, and you are number 1 on local results. Don’t you think that is a customer?

Now days almost everyone has got a cell phone. There are around 4.5 billion mobile phones in the world. Compare that with around 1.5 billion internet users around the world. This should give you an idea about the cell phone marketing potential. Cell phone marketing can be three times larger than internet marketing. Internet marketing was the last frontier. Cell phone marketing is the new frontier. Many people have tried to market their websites and affiliate links on the cell but haven’t got encouraging results. Recently Google has also started its mobile search which allows users to get your local information.

Contact us and we will build you a campaign that will get you on the first result for Google guaranteed!

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